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Fall has arrived

Fall has arrived

Georges G 08 Oct 2019 Collections 1 Comments

Autumn settled in quickly: don't tell summer fans about it, but it's by far our favorite season. The air of nothing, this new season makes us want to change the decor by creating a cosy and warm atmosphere, a cosy cocoon to prepare to face the long winter months. Georges G proposes decorative ideas to decorate your table in a warm autumnal atmosphere and create a friendly atmosphere.

As autumn arrives, the trees are adorned with beautiful orange hues, the leaves twirl and temperatures begin to drop. A cosy atmosphere, flamboyant colours, warm materials and autumn-coloured foliage inspire our interior design.

Autumn is the ideal time of year to invite friends for a nice meal, around a beautiful table dressed with a pretty cotton or cotton tablecloth coated with Georges G.

Autumn decoration: make way for warm autumn colours in your interior

The pumpkin is still part of the autumn decoration table ideas. It is impossible not to think of orange and pumpkin when you imagine your autumn table decoration. Fruits and vegetables are combined to create a table decoration that is natural, original and elegant.

The pumpkin is the main vegetable of the autumn decoration table. Its rounded and generous shape makes it an ideal addition to our autumn tables. This beautiful vegetable is served with candles and autumn fruits such as nuts, rosehips or apples. We therefore opt for Georges G's Les BOUGIES cotton tablecloth for a table that is both colourful and lively in the colours of autumn. We want to accompany our beautiful table with dishes with delicious autumn flavours for a moment of sweetness.

nappe au couleurs automnales

Autumn is also the season for forest walks, undergrowth smells and animals that we encounter along our trails.

This atmosphere can be found on Georges G's La Petite Pierre cotton tablecloth, a decor that blends foliage from undergrowth and animal parades. We invite you to discover the entire autumn collection of table linen and fabric by the metre on the georgesg.com website.

nappe en coton Nappe originale

Fruity and colourful tea towels for a kitchen decoration with an autumnal atmosphere

In his kitchen, we invite autumn fruits: apples, pears printed on a beautiful cotton canvas for seasonal tea towels. Autumn brings with it the first harvests from our orchards: sun-drenched fruits in warm colours for chic and vitamin-rich cuisines.

Apples and pears are autumn fruits. They are tasty to the palate and trendy in the house for a seasonal decoration. Their colours blend nicely with the pumpkin colour for a cosy atmosphere.

Find all the collections of tea towels made in France available at Georges G on our website: www.georgesg.com.

Torchons en coton déco automne torchon fruit d'automne

The autumn leaves swirl on our tables.

Georges G's cotton or Sous-Bois coated cotton tablecloth is an invitation to take a walk in the heart of the forest. This decoration of swirling leaves and the smell of mushrooms plunges us into the undergrowth. Make your time at the table a lively event, in the colours of the undergrowth for an autumnal atmosphere.

décoration de table automne table d'automne

In its autumn collections, Georges G also offers the Brocéliande cotton tablecloth, which offers a more traditional all-over decor of fruits and wild flowers. Georges G's Brocéliande cotton tablecloth is available with an all over decoration or a decoration mixed with stripes for a colourful and seasonal table decoration. This cotton satin tablecloth embellishes the tables with rich patterns and bright colours for a table decoration with an autumnal atmosphere.

This beautiful tablecloth printed with warm colours also offers a seasonal floral decoration to your table. The Brocéliande tablecloth is coordinated with the Brocéliande or Brocéliande striped napkins for a traditional and colourful decoration.

Nappe pour la table de jardin ou de salle à manger Nappe en coton enduit

Ideas to boost your autumn decoration

We adopt a palette of soft and sophisticated colours to accessorize our interior design. Warm and nuanced colours in shades of yellow, brown, orange and green to match our autumn decor. We simply add these colours to our textiles, decorative objects or even in paint.

We don't forget our candles to dim our indoor light and create a warm atmosphere. We are thinking of reusing our summer baskets of all sizes and shapes for a natural and trendy decoration. We use autumn flowers to colour our October.

Autumn is a season that allows you to create beautiful table decorations in harmony with nature. This was our decoration selection for this autumn, Georges G hopes you will like it!



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