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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file, stored on your computer/tablet/phone, when you visit a website. It allows the site you are visiting to recognise you the next time you visit, thus improving your experience. Thanks to the use of cookies, Georges G will be able to know the statistics of the site's traffic, understand the needs of visitors and therefore improve the site. As well as remember the information given when creating an account, and secure the site.

Which cookies does Georges G use?

Georges G uses 4 families of cookies, and your consent is valid for one year.

Functional cookies

They allow navigation on the georgesg.com website. For example, they allow you to access your personal space and consult the stored data (order history, personal information, etc.)

Performance and audience measurement cookies

They collect navigation information on georgesg.com, and allow the creation of statistics. Such as how you arrived on the site, the number of pages visited and whether or not these pages convinced, and allowed you to make a purchase. This data is anonymous, Georges G knows that a visitor has visited various pages, but does not know that it is you. This data makes it possible to continuously improve the site.

Advertising cookies

They make it possible to optimise the personalised advertising campaigns displayed on the rest of the web.

Social network cookies

On georgesg.com, you will find buttons that allow you to share content on social networks. These buttons use cookies which are set up and managed by the social networks themselves.

Georges G's recommendation

If you wish to take advantage of all the features on the site, Georges G recommends that you do not disable cookies.